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And now I have to worry about getting into grad school all over again.
So I’ve been talking to this girl I know

And her program sounds like a good fit for me. But the thing is it’s in Tampa and I have family over there. And not that I don’t love them, but I also feel like they’ll be expecting to see me more often than I’m willing to visit. And so do I decide to just apply to the program and do what I want regardless of what others think? Idk idk… Life.

Nothing to do for the next hour, soooo I’m going home I guess… Tired of wasting my time here.


Having an Illness and being in grad school: 

To leave an hour early… That tis the question…

I’m really trying hard not to cry right now because this kid was crying and I feel so bad for him and can totally relate to his struggle and I just feel too much.

I feel so self conscious about my body lately. I feel so gross. Blah.

I feel like my financial aid counselor is avoiding me.